Our engineering laboratory equipment has been developed in response to universities and polytech request for inexpensive, research and teaching tools fro engine and vehicles. Although our market is global, we are proudly Malaysian made. All equipment comes with 1 year warranty. Educational laboratory exercises and teaching materials are available with many of our products.

This high power chassis dynamometer can extract over 200kW of mechanical power from codcsmpetition vehicles, including GP race bikes. It’s heavy duty frame, and deep-grove textured 12-inch roller are ideal for high power motorcycles. The sturdy nose clamp can be adjusted to accommodate various motorcycle lengths, and comes with a mechanical or pneumatic tire clamp. This low-cost Dynamometer is based on a synchronous generator which is modified to give high torque loads over a wide speed range, all the way down to 0 rpm. It is carefully suspended in bearing assemblies. Torque is measured by a precision load cell and shaft speed by a speed sensor. This small chassis dynamometer consists of a driven 10cm diameter roller, and an idler roller. The main roller spins an internal eddy current dynamometer via a 2:1 gear ratio. The high radial flux dynamometer offers excellent low-speed torque, and good high speed stability. The controller quickly connects to the dynamometer and only require a single 240/120VAC power connection.

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Focus Applied Technologies specializes in engine and vehicle technologies. We develop and use a wide range of tools in our ongoing alternative fuels R&D work. Selected products are offered for commercial sales.

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Our main product lines include engine and chassis dynamometers, engine test systems, engine and vehicle testing services, dynamometer controllers, electronic fuel injection systems and other control systems. In view of our unique expertise, we do often requested to deliver Technical Training workshops as well the wide range of engineering consulting services for various industries, academia and government institutions.

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