Wide Band O2 sensor with display and Analog Output can be programmed to display AFR (for spark ignited engines) or Lambda (for diesel engines).
High-Temperature Thermocouple good to over 900C.
Our Throttle Servo Motor accepts the Throttle Position signal from our Dynamometer Controllers and can be easily fitted to almost any engine for automatic control of the throttle.
Combustion Analysis allows measurement of in-cylinder pressure during combustion events to determine combustion characteristics such as ignition delay, peak pressure, rate of heat release, combustion stability.

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Exhaust Gas Analysis allows you to determine the emission of pollutants, including NOx, CO, Hydrocarbons and CO2 in terms of grams per kilometer.

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Engine Tuning is strongly dependent on intake and exhaust manifold dynamics. With our Intake and Exhaust Manifold pressure sensors you can easily diagnose tuning effects for optimal engine performance.
In addition to the basic DAQ features of our dynamometer controllers, we have a range of additional DAQ units which include many “front end” amplifiers allowing direct connection of thermocouples, thermistors, load cells, high voltage probes and even current sensors.

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Our digital fuel scales feed fuel weight data directly to the dyno monitor software for calculation, display and logging of fuel consumption and BSFC.

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Various Engine Temperature Sensors including Thermistors and Thermocouples are also available.
The current Clamp Meter is very useful for Electric/Hybrid Vehicle Studies, as well as diagnosing Engine/Vehicle Electrical systems and faults.
This probe is used for measurements of higher voltages found in ignition systems, such as the capacitor voltage in CDI systems.
Derived from our AC Dynamometer power supply, the Variable AC power supply can be a useful item when requiring large amounts of controllable electric power, and is sometimes used as a speed control for fans and pumps at a lower cost than a VFD/Inverter.
Derived from our DC dynamometer power supply, the Variable DC power supply can supply up to 3A at 100VDC for various electric power applications.
Engine dynamometry is complemented by on the road measurements made with a Vehicle Data Logger. The VDL can measure many different vehicle parameters including engine and vehicle speed, acceleration, temperature, fuel flow rate, exhaust gas emission, GPS and more.

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The Mobile Emissions Test System is a combination of the Vehicle Data Logger and many additional sensors, including exhaust gas emissions, designed specifically for measuring on the road emissions and determining exhaust gas emissions factors.

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Focus Applied Technologies specializes in engine and vehicle technologies. We develop and use a wide range of tools in our ongoing alternative fuels R&D work. Selected products are offered for commercial sales.

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Our main product lines include engine and chassis dynamometers, engine test systems, engine and vehicle testing services, dynamometer controllers, electronic fuel injection systems and other control systems. In view of our unique expertise, we do often requested to deliver Technical Training workshops as well the wide range of engineering consulting services for various industries, academia and government institutions.

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