This is a 3-phase voltage rectifier/regulator for small vehicle applications. The 3-phase AC signal is internally rectified, and regulated for charging a 12V battery system. It designed for motorcycles and “tuk-tuks”.

* New Old Stock (Unused)!

The throttle body Type 71 was developed for use in 2-stroke engines in scooters. Good for smaller (30-120cc) displacement 2- and 4-stroke engines using Electronic Fuel Injection. The throttle body has an integrated 4-pin throttle position sensor and a fixed gear rewind direction.

1) Valve diameter: 20 mm
2) Overall length: 75 mm
3) Motor connection outer diameter: 24 mm (Inner Diameter: 18mm)
4) Filter connection outer diameter: 35 mm
5) Minimum air flow: 10.9 to 19.2 kg / h at 0.1 bar differential pressure
6) Housing material: Plastic

* New Old Stock (unused)!

This fuel rail includes a gasoline fuel injector and is used in small vehicles (motorcycles, tuk-tuks of 30-200cc) with the Synerject Direct Injection system. The fuel injector is supplied with gasoline at moderately high pressures (5 bar) and compressed air (from a small crankshaft driven air compressor). The air “blows” the gasoline into the combustion chamber via a direct injection valve (Strata 1, sold separately). There is an internal regulator for fuel pressure-air pressure. Connections are: Fuel In, Fuel Return, and Air In (bottom connection in left side foto). Can be used on and gasoline (and probably other liquid fuel) Fuel Injection applications.

Injector Resistance:    2 ohm (approx)
Voltage:                12V nominal
Overall Weight:         273g
Overall Length:         106mm (approx)
Overall Height:         68mm (approx)
Mounting Holes (2)    5.5mm diam 50mm apart

* New Old Stock (unused)!

This is a plastic encapsulated variable reluctance sensor used in motorcycles as the trigger signal for the Capacitive Discharge Ignition (CDI) system. It consists of a permanent magnet, pickup coil and soft magnetic core. It provides a positive/negative pulse (one pair per tooth on the rotating target wheel) of ~1V to >20V for synchronization of the spark and the engine. It can be used to trigger other things like fuel injection systems. Note: this is NOT the high-voltage source for the AC type CDI units.

Resistance:      120ohms (+/- 10%)
Weight:          34g

* New Old Stock (Unused)!

Good low impedance gaseous fuel or liquid/air fuel direct injector. Direct Injection means the injector sits in the head, and sprays fuel into the combustion chamber directly (ie. not port injection). Widely used on converting 2-stroke engines to direct injection.

This gasoline fuel pump is used in small vehicles (motorcycles, tuk-tuks of 30-200cc) with the Synerject Direct Injection system. The pump is a piston-type positive displacement pump developing relatively high pressures (over 5 bar) for “air assist direct injection”. Can be used on and gasoline (and probably other liquid fuel) pumping applications.

Current:                150mA (no load)
Voltage::               12V nominal
Weight:                 353g
Overall Length:     128mm (approx)
Overall Height:      66mm (approx)
Motor Housing Outer Diameter: 45mm (approx)

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