4 Stroke Motorcycle LPG EFI Kit

Our 4-stroke LPG Bi-fuel EFI kit is available as a “DIY” for interested individuals. For fleet owners, or distributors please contact us directly for full installation and tuning support. It can be installed by any competent mechanic or clever individual who can handle things such as soldering wires, and turning a wrench.


The kit consists of the following major components:

  • Electronic Control Unit
  • Wiring Harness
  • LPG Fuel Injector
  • Bi-Fuel Carburetor
  • LPG Pressure Regulator
  • Cylinder Head Temperature Sensor
  • Fuel Filter


Additionally we supply the installation guide here, as well as ECU maps for several models. You can tune you’re bike from any computer with our computer interface software (available HERE). To tune your own bike you’ll need a com board available from us, or you can make your own (instructions- Please refer the DIY COM BOARD). If you’re computer does not have a serial com port you’ll need a USB-Serial Com converter. NOTE: Not all converters are created equal! Many of the “cheap” converters either don’t work, or will have troubles as soon as you fire up the engine (from spark noise resetting their chip). We have a robust USB-Serial Com converter cable available .

Our distributors and fleet managers often use a hand held ECU scanner (similar to an OBD scanner) for simple tuning and tracking of fleet vehicles. It offers simple one-touch tuning of the most important parameters, and is very useful as a “digital dashboard”. It connects directly to the EFI communications port, and doesn’t require any additional power lines or battery backup.More info is available on the ECU scanner below.


The ECU communicates using inverted 5V RS-232 signals. That means that the signal voltages at the ECU side switch between 0 and 5V, and are the opposite of what the computer is expecting to see. At the computer end of things the signals are supposed to be +/-12V, though almost all serial com ports can read a 0-5V signal properly. We still have to reduce the +/-12V from the computer down to 0-5V for the ECU, and invert the signals while we do it. This is the job of the “com board”.

There are several different com board designs that work well with our system. Basically it is a 5V serial communications inverter. The 7404 is a hex package of TTL inverters, which is often used in com boards. Below are some other circuits we’ve had luck with:


The ECU scanner is our version of an “On Board Diagnostics” scanner. It allows access to various tuning parameters, as well as many statistics stored in the ECU’s memory. It is powered from the ECU, and thus requires no batteries or external power. It is a popular add-on for use as a “digital dashboard, and for elementary data logging.

It allows tuning of:

  • Injector Opening Time
  • Overall Fuel Flow
  • Idle Air/Fuel ratio
  • Run Screen
  • CPS Trigger Level

    The nominal display shows:

  • Engine Speed
  • Throttle Position
  • O2 reading
  • System Voltage
  • Engine temp

    One-Touch Data Logging saves instantaneous:

  • Engine Speed
  • Throttle Position
  • O2
  • Temperature

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