Our Wind Turbine Dynamometer series can either load the turbine directly (Turbine Dyno) or load the generator (Generator Dyno). Either system can be used to load the turbine, and measure the mechanical power. The generator dyno can (with optional current clamp meter and voltage probe) also measure the generators output, and thus the generator efficiency (electrical power output divided by mechanical power input). Turbine loading is accomplished by coupling the turbine to an air cooled eddy current dynamometer matching the turbines characteristics. Generator loading is accomplished by applying a controllable electrical load to the generators output. Varying the load allows measurement of the turbines coefficient of performance (Cp) at various Tip-Speed Ratios (TSR). With variations in wind speed this allows complete characterization of the turbine.


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Focus Applied Technologies specializes in engine and vehicle technologies. We develop and use a wide range of tools in our ongoing alternative fuels R&D work. Selected products are offered for commercial sales.

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Our main product lines include engine and chassis dynamometers, engine test systems, engine and vehicle testing services, dynamometer controllers, electronic fuel injection systems and other control systems. In view of our unique expertise, we do often requested to deliver Technical Training workshops as well the wide range of engineering consulting services for various industries, academia and government institutions.

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